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A Russian Visa is simply an authorisation for someone to enter, stay in, or pass through the Russian Federation territory. There are several ways of obtaining visas for travel to Russia. Visas may be purchased on arrival by some countries. Others are exempt from requiring a visa. Australians need a visa to enter Russia.


For Australians there are 7 different types of visa
• Tourist – is the most common and, as the name suggests, is used for entry to Russia for the purpose of tourism. Usually issued for a period of 30 days.
• Business – are used for visits that are intended to be of a business nature
• Student – are issued for students wishing to enter Russia for study reasons
• Work – permits a visitor to Russia to work in Russia
• Humanitarian – issued for stays for the purpose of cultural exchange, sporting events, scientific/technological, socio-political, religious or humanitarian missions
• Private – issued to guests of Russian Nationals who reside in Russia
• Transit – issued to foreigners who wish to pass through Russia on the way to another country

If you intend to apply directly to a Russian Consulate for your visa, then you will need to provide a visa support document (also known as a letter of invitation) from a licensed organisation in Russia. This organisation will be your official sponsor both for visa processing at the consulate and for the Russian authorities while you are in Russia.

When you obtain visa support from a licensed Travel Agency like Russian Travel and Tours, you can be sure that it is genuine. A Tourist Invitation (Visa Support) maximum stay is 30 days. Cost is USD$45 per person for a single entry and USD$95 for a double entry.

Russian Travel and Tours works with tour operators officially accredited by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognised by the Russian Ministry of Tourism, as a fully bonded in-bound tour operator and is licensed to provide the vouchers and invitations via a simple, fast and secure online process. The visa support document is delivered by email and is recognised by Russian Consulates worldwide



When you are just travelling around and/or staying with family or friends, but you choose hotel, you are officially lying to the Russian Government. They do random checks at Immigration when you fly in and you could be detained, fined or deported, or both. Why spoil your holiday?

Most countries ask where you are staying, including Australia.

Other options available – please email us with what you intend to do in Russia and we will advise you of the best possible solution.

Visa Services

Visa Support

A visa support document is also called a letter of invitation. Follow this link for an application, get it filled in and sent back to us for further processing. As a tour operator we supply our clients with invitation letter (voucher and confirmation) needed for a tourist visa. If you book a tour or at least hotel accommodation with our company we will provide you with visa supporting documents free of charge.

Visa Information

Follow this link to get to the VISA Section of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Sydney for the latest information on Russian Visas, fill this in and then get back to us so we can get an appointment for you at the Consulate.

Before Applying

What you should know before applying for a Russian Visa

Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa is issued for a period no longer than 30 days and is valid for single and double-entry only. Read more here …

Cost & Time

How much will my visa cost and how long will it take to get it … follow me to find out