If you intend to apply yourself directly to a Russian Consulate  for your visa, then you will need to provide a visa support document (also known as a letter of invitation) from a licensed organisation in Russia.

This organisation will be your official sponsor both for visa processing at the consulate and for the Russian authorities while you are in Russia.

When you obtain visa support from the licensed Travel Agency you are sure that it is genuine. Read the information that your receive with your Russian Visa Support letter.

Tourist Invitation (Visa Support) maximum stay is 30 days. Cost is USD$45 per person for a single entry and USD$90 for a double entry.

We work with officially accredited by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognised by the Russian Ministry of Tourism, as a fully bonded in-bound tour operator and is licensed to provide the vouchers and invitations via a simple, fast and secure online process.

The visa support document is delivered by email and is recognised by Russian Consulates worldwide

Keep a copy of the visa support with you when travelling in Russia.


When you choose hotel you are officially lying to the Russian Government and they do check randomly at Immigration when you fly in and you could be detained, fined or deported or both or it may not happen if you are lucky.

I have also been checked by Russian Authorities many times and asked where I am staying.

Other options available-please email what you intend doing in Russia and we will advise best possible for you.