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Russia is characterised by seemingly endless winters and long summer days. The country’s turbulent political history is still reflected in its impressive, colourful architecture and in public spaces. There, you can discover the modern-day culture of Moscow and admire the palace-lined waterways on St. Petersburg. You can view the scenic contrasts as you travel on one of the most legendary train journeys in the world, on board The Trans Siberian Railway and The Trans Mongolian Railway, and observe the vast landscape comprising of hundreds of kilometres of birch forest, rolling grasslands, barren windswept plains and remote villages. On this adventure you can also gain an insight into the foreign lands and endless plains of Mongolia. The enigma that is Russia awaits you … your dream holiday destination

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About Travel in Russia

Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation, at 17,075,200 square kilometres (6,592,800 square miles) has the largest surface area of any other country in the world. It covers around 1/8th of the world’s inhabited land and comes in 9th in population density, with over 144 million people. The western part of the country is more European and has about 77% of the population, while the eastern part of the country is more Asian.

Moscow is Russia’s capital and is one of the world’s largest cities. Other major cities include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Interesting too is the fact that Russia expands through 11 time zones.

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Russian Travel and Tours offer Discounted Flights domestically and internationally worldwide. All the flights are heavily discounted year round, no matter whether it is high or low season. Airlines increase prices when demand is high, and offer discount flights when demand is low. They are, after all, in the business of making money, and empty seats don’t make money.

Business travellers tend to leave early mornings and so the airfares may be higher then. During the day, mid morning and mid afternoon flights tend to be cheaper. This is mainly for domestic flights. Typically, discount flights are usually available mid-week as well, as most people like to leave on weekends. Try to leave on Mondays to Thursdays which is usually off peak in order to save some money. You can still obtain discount flights at peak times if you book far in advance. Business travellers will book when they must travel or at the last minute and this means they may have to pay a bit more. Business travellers will still receive the best discounted offer available when they book through us.

Leisure travellers can book approximately 11 months prior to date of departure so thus they can make huge savings.

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When it comes to the question of accommodation in Russia, there are a lot of options, from luxury hotels to cheap hostels. However, in Moscow and St. Petersburg (the best and most interesting places for most foreign visitors) the actual number of hotels can’t serve the flow of tourists that arrive during the high season. The best approach to solving the scarcity problem is to book everything well in advance rather than risk breaking or even cancelling your trip. It is better to deal with Russian Travel and Tours who have many agents they work with directly in Russia. They can best suit your purpose and can supply you with a descriptive customised itinerary, made specially for our clients.

Hotel personnel in the large Russian cities usually speak English. It is normal to prebook and prepay everything prior to receiving a visa support (letter of invitation) document that goes together with your visa application. Russian Travel and Tours will book, confirm and supply you with the visa support documents. It is better to use a Russian Travel Specialist who has this expertise. This strategy saves you time and energy while also providing you with more information on the city you plan to visit; in most cases it is also cheaper. Russian Travel and Tours can help you book theatre and museum tickets, provide you with a guide, organise fascinating excursions, and help you with moving around. But the most important thing to remember is that everything needs to be organised beforehand.

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The Classic Trans-Mongolia Railway is 2500kim / 1553mi long. It was built between 1949 – 1961 to connect Russia, Mongolia and China. In Russia, the road branches in Eastern Siberia from Ulan-Ude city on Lake Baikal and goes straight south through Mongolia to Jining city of northern China. In Mongolia the road passes Ulaanbaatar city and other important towns such as Sukhbaatar, Darkhan, Choir, and Zamyn-Uud (Erenhot). Rich deposits of colour metals, coal, gold keep the road busy. The cargo accounts for 80% of all traffic. The road remains a major transport artery for Mongolia’s economy, while for travellers it is more known as the shortcut from Siberia to China. In Mongolia, most of the route lies in endless Mongolian steppes and the Gobi desert in the south.

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