Antonina Kisliakov Position: Manager and CEO

Tonia has been a part of Russian Travel and Tours (an independent company) since it’s beginnings in 1976. During this time she has used her many skills and expertise to build the company into what it is today, one of the most successful Wholesale and Retail Travel Agencies in Australia. Tonia travels extensively to our key destinations sourcing the best products to offer to our customers and cultivating positive relationships with a vast array of travel partners ensuring we are kept up to date with the latest products and information. Tonia’s successful selection of her hand-picked team ensure the best possible travel knowledge, expertise and impeccable customer service is extended to every travel enquiry received.

Meddie Lee Position: Business Co-Ordinator

An integral member of Russian Travel and Tours’ team, Meddie is responsible for the creation of complicated and intensive itineraries to Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Central Asia and the many other destinations in Russian Travel and Tours’ extensive range, for customers plus the booking and costing of these itineraries. Her personal knowledge of the products of our overseas partners assists the Travel Specialists in ensuring all relevant information and product is offered ensuring the customers’ holidays will always be the perfect one and exactly as envisioned by them. Meddie’s happy and professional manner make her a popular member of the team. Meddie was born and raised in the beautiful city island of Singapore. Her hobbies include travelling, cooking and reading