All Flights Here are Heavily Discounted

Russian Travel and Tours offer Discounted Flights domestically and internationally worldwide. All the flights are heavily discounted year round, no matter whether it is high or low season. Airlines increase prices when demand is high, and offer discount flights when demand is low. They are, after all, in the business of making money, and empty seats don’t make money. Business travellers tend to leave early mornings and so the airfares may be higher then. During the day, mid morning and mid afternoon flights tend to be cheaper. This is mainly for domestic flights. Typically, discount flights are usually available mid-week as well, as most people like to leave on weekends than on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Try to leave on Mondays to Thursdays which is usually off peak in order to save some money.

Many people travel during peak times. You can still obtain discount flights if you book far in advance even on weekend. Business travellers will book when they must travel or at the last minute and this means they may have to pay a bit more. Business travellers will still receive the best discounted offer available when they book. Leisure travellers can book approximately 11 months prior to date of departure so thus they can make huge savings.