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Come and experience some of the most amazing cruises in the world. Russia is abound with rivers, canals and lakes. Come cruise them in style, enjoying the Russian landscape, waterways, food and entertainment. Cruise from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, Moscow to Astrakhan, Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, and many more. Contact us to book your cruise at great prices.

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The Golden Ring

Several ancient towns of great historical, architectural and spiritual significance make up the ‘Golden Ring’, extending northeast from Moscow. They are a rich collection of kremlins (citadels), monasteries, cathedrals and fortresses. All are within easy reach of the capital. Since many were founded on river banks, a cruise is a pleasant way of discovering the region. Modern boats traversing the Volga afford comfortable accommodation. As some major sites such as Vladimir and Suzdal are not located near the Volga, a minibus tour with hotel accommodation is a better option for visitors whose primary interest is the region’s architectural heritage.

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AMA Waterways

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